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Regret !

Everything had past but i still cant forgive u for that ! I shouldnt have fren u in the first place ! I didnt know you were like that ! If i didnt fren u in the first place i dont think me n adam will be broke into pieces ! Why must u be that black hearted !He like me just let him be u dont need to tell my past to him rite ! Everyone has a past even you ASSHOLE ! And you dont even know the true me ! U think  u just knw me for 4 months and then you know the true me ! WTH …………… ARGH ! And Adam why must u be that dumb to believe her! U should have ask my 5 bestfrens then her ! They know the true me ok not like that KAR MUN ! Her attitude is even worst then mine ! 100 TIMES WORSE OK ! U ditch me off like that ! ADAM !!!! Kar mun is worst than me bcoz she ditch all her fren. Stupid Kar Mun do you want me to say all your past and now to all ur fren ! I can bet all your frens will hate you frm that seconds ! The whole class hate you even your bestfrenz SIDNEY ! They choose me better than you ! I would rather choose Gigi than ! DONT JUDGE ME FRM MY PAST ! And you have no rite to :P BITCH PLEASE ……



Her face is fabricated of

       exquisite dandelions

      fluttering as the turbulent

        wind passes by the melancholy pathway.

Roses bloom its aqueous air-kisses

    through her porcelain skin

        bestrewn with a cluster

    of gluttonous bees ravening

          for the glacé pollen.

     The edge of her lips is

artistically embed with a

          salmon-pink glister and

     sundry peach shadows of

          the branches.

                  She is faceless

         dampen by the 

                 lacerated line of

                    poetry, in tatters

      lovely brimmed anemones

          smothered all over

             her face.

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